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Why Choose Our Graffiti Removal Services in Los Angeles?

1. Environment-Friendly Products

Los Angeles Blasting is the trailblazer in graffiti removal service. Our specialists use environment-friendly products to clean up graffiti. Our biodegradable cleaning products ensure that nature is not brought under stress. Ghosting or shadowing never occurs once we get involved.

2. Professionalism

When vandals leave behind a trail of destruction, you need professionals to remove it. We are the epitome of professionalism you search for to restore the buildings. What is more, we offer the best deal cost-effectively.

3. Maintenance

Prone to graffiti attacks? Choose from our attractive maintenance packages to find a deal that suits you. You may go for a regular package or guaranteed response time for a fixed number of site visits. These packages bring you the best services and relieve you of a big headache.

graffiti removal los angeles

4. We are Insured

The best part about being a certified agency is that we carry all the documents all the time. It also gives us access to public insurance that covers income and liability. You do not have to worry about worksite accidents or losses to the property with us.

5. Efficiency

Our specialists remove the ungainly stains of graffiti with ease. Now, we also offer you protection against future onslaughts. We can give your wall an anti-graffiti coating to protect it against onslaughts.

6. Professional Team

Our team at Los Angeles comprises industry-leading experts. They are courteous and knowledgeable when it comes to offering graffiti solutions. Their impeccable assessment skills always lead to the correct estimation of the solution.

7. Safety

We work for you, and nature too. That is why we use the safest cleaners to leave no trace of graffiti pockmarking your building. Our non-corrosive, non-abrasive, and eco-friendly safe products give you peace of mind. And to cap it all, we offer all these at very pocket-friendly rates.

8. Specialization

We are specialists in removing graffiti in Los Angeles without damaging the building. Many times, agencies ruin the underlying structure without accurately assessing the requirement. Our specialists make an expert assessment of the building to give accurate solutions.

We Offer Treatments That Recycle And Reuse Water. Get in touch with us to know about your Graffiti Removal Services in Los Angeles.

Importance of Graffiti Removal

Appearance Matters

One graffiti-riddled building can bring down the reputation of an entire block. And by extension, the real estate value too. Hoodlums and gangs may construe unclean walls as an invitation to vandalism. Keeping a clean exterior is a sure way of warding off potential vandal attacks.


Vandals and hoodlums take graffiti-riddled buildings as a challenge. It may also give birth to gang rivalry. One building is enough to invite all undesirable elements to the locality. Cleaning up graffiti sends a strong message to these vandals. They may even leave your locality.

Reduces Safety

Graffiti has a way of sending a negative message and attracting antisocial elements. If left unattended, graffiti acts as a conduit for more hoodlums to throng an area and wreak havoc. It may also turn out to be a contributing factor in the crime rate spike.

Property Value Decreases

Buyers may consider your locality rundown. It can bring down the real estate value. People prefer safe locality for business and residence. If the building you live in is graffiti-riddled, it may even ward off prospective buyers. It may result in the entire locality suffering.

Reduction of Visitors

No client in their right mind would walk into a rundown building riddled by graffiti. It means that your firm will have no visitor, leading to no business, resulting in no sale. It is something you do not want. That is why getting graffiti removed is essential.

Increases Problems

Vandals often find sitting ducks in construction sites. If the problem is not nipped in the bud, it leads to turf wars between gangs. It reflects poorly on the construction company as well. Not acting gives the hoodlums the impression that they can get away with it. It increases problems in the future.

We remove unsightly graffiti from just about any type of surface. Call us now at (213) 459-1667 for graffiti removal services in Los Angeles.

Graffiti Removal FAQs

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Will you be able to remove the graffiti from a painted surface?

Yes. The answer also depends a lot on the materials used by the vandals. However, be ready to repaint the wall as it would become necessary after the removal. Vamoose or Beaver Bite can help you remove graffiti off many surfaces. Graffiti paints that are oil-based destroy the latex paint on the buildings. It makes repainting a necessary follow up task.

What about your products, are they environmentally safe products?

All products used by us are environmentally safe after they get diluted with water. We make the graffiti syrup and spray it on the surface, riddled with graffiti. Vamoose and Beaver Bite get wiped on the surface with a scouring pad or a rag. These products are environmentally safe.

Can you let me know the difference between art and graffiti?

Art is the expression of creativity through painting or any such media. Graffiti, too involves the same. However, the real difference comes in intent and permission. That is the reason why art gets associated with greatness and graffiti with hoodlums. However, graffiti, too, could be artistic if permission from the owner is sought.

Can I send you the pictures of graffiti to get your view and help?

Yes, and you must. Send your name, locality address, and contact number as well. It will help our specialists to get an idea of the situation at hand and offer suggestions. Our specialists may also assess the extent of damage and come prepared to serve you. It is both cost-effective and timesaving.

I have graffiti on my property, can I clean it myself?

Yes, you can. However, it is essential that you get a fair idea of the work at hand. For this, you may contact an expert or get yourself trained in the nitty-gritty. Further, you may also contact us for guidance on the materials to use and how.

Can you let me know the laws regarding graffiti?

Retailers should not sell spray paints to those below the age of 18. If such retailers get caught, they may get punished with probation or a fine. Juvenile offenders may end up in Borstal homes. If convicted, it may result in the revocation of the driver’s license. Officials may slap restitution fees as well.

Will sanding, scrubbing help remove graffiti?

Let us clear a misconception first. Graffiti paints do not stick to the surface alone. They seep deep. Abrasive measures are not recommended as they add to your repair bill. The brick, render, and mortar may crumble. It is not the technique you want to follow in the best of times, let alone the worst.

What is the best method used to remove graffiti?

Always remember, graffiti stains run deep. The best way to remove graffiti is to bring it out to the surface. It gets done using the right blend of cleaning solutions. It will break down the molecular structure of the paint and bring it to the surface. Then experts neutralize the paint without using any abrasives.

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Graffiti Removal Los Angeles

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There are many people who think of graffiti as an artistic expression. However, when it is on your property, it can be annoying and most people are not aware of what needs to be done to remove the graffiti. We are a company that specializes in graffiti removal, Los Angeles on your property. If your property has been vandalized, we have the best methods to remove the writings and any graffiti on your walls and other areas. We will use the best products and ensure that your property is not damaged in any way. Our company offers more than cleaning services and there will be no traces of graffiti on your walls.

Over the years, we have completed a number of graffiti removal tasks on different properties. Our contractors have great experience in property restoration and preservation. Did you know that if a person is caught writing graffiti in Los Angeles is liable for a fine of up to $10,000, a year in jail, or both? This goes to show that graffiti is not something that people are proud of. However, there is still a problem and most people tend to vandalize commercial and residential property by writing graffiti. This will lower the value of your property and is also an intrusion to your privacy and security.

Unfortunately, when you have graffiti on your property, people will get a wrong impression about you. If you are running a business and your commercial property is plastered with different writings and drawings, you may end up losing potential customers. Most places in the world associate graffiti with criminal gangs and this is why you should have it removed as soon as possible. There is nothing artistic or pleasing about graffiti and it will make your property look untidy. If you are facing this problem, get in touch with us and we will be happy to resolve the issue right away. Contact us to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate for the removal and cleaning of graffiti.

About Us

We are a company that has a full commitment to help with the protection and preservation of property in Los Angeles. Even in cases of abandoned and vacant properties, you need to keep it in perfect shape. We are a local company that is owned and operated in the heart of LA. One of the services that we specialize in is graffiti removal LA. Our crews are licensed, insured, and experienced. It does not matter how bad your property looks as we will be able to get it back to a presentable state. There are many people who love to vandalize commercial and residential properties with graffiti.

We are a professional company and we are always ready to help you remove the graffiti. We have invested in different technologies, equipment, and techniques to make our work easier. Our experienced experts are always ready to swing into action and give you the best solutions. When you come to us, we will have a team of experts coming to inspect your property. This will help us determine the approach to take in removing the graffiti. We can handle any type of graffiti on wood, concrete, bricks, or on any other type of surface. Our team of experts is proud to offer professional property rehabilitation and cleaning services.

We have been in existence for more than 20 years and we have always been consistent in terms of the services that we offer. Our mission is to ensure that your property is restored from the vandalism and have it in perfect shape. Our emergency response team will be glad to offer services at any time of the day or night. We work even during bank holidays and weekends. If you would want to sell your property that has graffiti writings, you should come to us. Our services are affordable and we will help increase the value of your property.

Each time a customer comes to us for graffiti removal, we sympathize with them, which is the basis for our quick and effective solutions. If you are looking for a company that will remove the graffiti and have your property restored, give us a call. We will be with you at your convenience.

Our Strategic Graffiti Removal Process

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Graffiti removal is not an easy task and this is why it is advisable to have a team of experts working on this task. We have skilled and experienced teams who are ready and equipped to remove the graffiti writings without damaging your property. When you contact us, we will have our specialists coming to your property to inspect the extent of the vandalism. This allows us to prepare and plan properly for the cleaning and restoration of your property. The sad reality is that graffiti is usually written in the visible areas of your property, which makes it hard to ignore.

We will be equipped with all the cleaning solutions and equipment for the work. As such, we are ready to remove the graffiti quickly and effectively. With our skills and expertise, we can assure you of superior quality services. Your underlying surfaces will not be impacted by our cleaning method. Removing graffiti as soon as it is written can be a great defensive mechanism. We are able to erase the graffiti fast and leave no trace whatsoever. The artists who use your property as canvas will realize that the work is gone without a trace and will keep off your property.

Our modern equipment enhances our efficiency and we can remove graffiti on any surface without a problem. Once you contact us we will get to work immediately and we will be done before you know it. The worst mistake you can do is to let the graffiti remain on your property. This serves as a welcome note for more vandalism and will devalue your property significantly. We will clean up the exterior surfaces and leave you with a neat and tidy property. We are skilled and we have the right cleaning solutions to get rid of all blemishes.

Contact us for fast and effective graffiti removal services in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Graffiti Removal Services LA

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Graffiti removal in Los Angeles is a service that requires a lot of professionalism. Graffiti is one of the constant models of vandalism and this is a battle that needs to be won professionally. We have a team of experts who understand the process of removing graffiti and you can trust us to do the best. When you choose us, it will be just a matter of a few minutes before you can have your property restored completely. We are able to get rid of graffiti in a matter of hours and we are available to work around the clock.

Our methods include:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Chemical removal
  • Painting over
  • Pressure washing
  • Sandblasting

Our specialists are aware of the importance of using the best solutions for graffiti removal. This is the only way that you can be sure that the graffiti writings will be removed effectively and your property will not be damaged. Get in touch with us for a free estimate and to have your walls cleaned and all graffiti removed.

Best Graffiti Removal Near Me

If you are looking for graffiti removal in Los Angeles, we are the best contractors for this. Each of our services is carefully planned and executed. We are conscious of the environment and you can have peace of mind when you enlist our services because we are licensed and insured. We take every single task seriously and we will use our skills and expertise to restore your property to its original state. We are glad to offer our services to commercial and residential clients and our graffiti removal services can be applied to all surfaces.

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Are you a victim of vandalism through graffiti writings? We are the best experts for graffiti removal Los Angeles and we will be glad to help you out. Contact us for fast and effective graffiti removal services at affordable rates. Get a free estimate for our services and you will love the outcome.

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Our team and company is operated from Los Angeles California but can service other outlying areas with our experts ready to work on your sand blasting or graffiti removal projects at any time. Call us now to schedule an appointment with one of our experts and we’ll offer you a quote.

Give us a call today for an in-depth consultation with one of our experts. We can help guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate service for your needs, saving you time and money!

Remember, if you want your project done right, trust local professionals that you can continually count on.

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