FAQs on Gutter Cleaning Services in LA

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Gutter Cleaning FAQs

1. How do I know my gutter requires cleaning?

It is not advisable to wait for a signal for clean up. It is important to follow a regular schedule of maintenance. Check the density of greenery around your apartment and take appropriate measures. Timely and routine checks help in avoiding blockages and costly repairs. Do not ignore or overlook the cleaning process as it could invite a load of unavoidable problems.

2. How frequently does a gutter require cleaning?

Cleaning should be undertaken at least twice a year. It is important to keep a note of the location, size, and type of your house. If your house has lots of trees around it, then you must clean up your gutters at least three times a year. Otherwise, it is fine to plan the cleaning once at the end of the fall and spring.

3. Is it essential to appoint professional gutter cleaners?

The appointment of cleaning experts ensures a safe, effective, and fast cleaning process. You can do the job yourself to save on cost, but the pros of hiring a professional cleaner are far greater. The cleaning cost varies according to the type, size, and volume of work required for your gutters. You can get the estimates and consultation of professional cleaners free of cost. It is advisable to call the professionals before you go ahead with the cleaning process.

4. How much time does a professional gutter cleaner take for the cleaning process?

The cleaning time of the gutters varies according to their size and the volume of debris. While you may take long hours if you plan to do it yourself, the professionals' team needs 90 minutes. Moreover, if you hire professionals, it is risk-free and safe than when you do it yourself.

5. How do you clean your gutters?

The hiring of cleaning professionals is the primary rule. They go about their job without any risk and with complete efficiency. If you plan to do it yourself, then a slip or fall from the heights can impair you for life. The cleaning process starts with the installation and securing of safety equipment and ladders. After you blow off the roof, you clean the downspout and gutter. After that, you look for the rusty joint, spikes, or cracks, if any. Then you clean it up and move away from the equipment. You may, if required, clean the exterior of the gutters and flush the interior.

6. Is it good to have screens and covers on your gutters?

While a gutter cover or screen can help give the gutter a clean exterior, it can cause more harm than good. Over time these screens impede the water flow, and loads of moss accumulates to clog the system. When you place the screen or the cover, the water tends to flow over it, and in no time you see debris on your roof edge. The professional cleaners would always recommend against it.

7. Is it possible to avoid gutter cleaning?

You can avoid the cleaning process by following a few steps. First, prune down all the tall trees in the vicinity of your house. Invest in a leaf guard so that the gutter stays clean. Try and find or build taller staying enclosures than the surrounding trees. Even if you adopt these methods, your gutters need maintenance at least every five years. It ensures proper water flow and a clutter-free gutter for a lifetime.

8. How much do I need to spend on gutter cleaning?

The most affordable option is cleaning it yourself. However, it can turn out to be costly if you end up with an injury or cause damage to your gutter system. Hiring professional cleaners is the best option, and their charges vary from $50-$700. The cost depends on the volume of cleaning and the total area of your house. The cost increases when you opt for pressure cleaning and cleaning of the downspouts.

9. Is my presence at home necessary during the cleaning process?

You don't need to be present at home during the cleaning process. If you hire the service of professional cleaners, then you need not be there during the process. Cleaning the gutters does not need the cleaner to be inside the house. The professional cleaners notify the client from the start to the end. They send pictures of the cleaned system as proof of the completion of the job.

10. Do chemicals ensure an effective cleaning process?

If you plan to use chemicals in the cleaning process, make sure you know how to apply and dispose of them. Know that the chemicals clean the exterior of the gutter system. These chemicals are not suitable for cleaning the interior of your gutters. Also, avoid flushing it through the downspouts and land into the drainage system.

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