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Be it your car’s exterior or the exquisite interior, the very thought of a gooey mess on it will give you the chills. You aren’t alone in the world of the chewing-gum scared populace.

By now, you know scraping off the gum is a sure ticket to a world of pain. You may either peel off the paint or leave a hole in the upholstery. Imagine a two-pence nemesis setting you back by hundreds of dollars. You get the drift, right? So, leave it there? Surely, you must be joking.

The way out is calling a professional to send the obstinate blot packing. But it will cost you some. Then, the other option is trying out a few grandmother’s recipes for a smooth gum divorce. Time tested and efficient, they might just save you some pretty penny and spare you the sweating, too. It’s no trick, so you must prepare yourself for the device's proper application inside your cranium. Just kidding, here’s a few:

But before you attack the blob, take a few precautions. It will show to the car how much you care for her…

Pull at the gum as much as you can without scarping or scrubbing too hard. If the car is directly under the sun, move it to shade. You do not want the gum to turn into a gooey mess. Now, gently clean the area surrounding the gum.

1. Soap and water

If the gum is not sticking too hard, gentle soap and hot water massage will do. If it can work wonders for you, it’s just a car. Just releasing the tension. Use nothing abrasive; opt for a soft cloth, for car, too, likes care. Once the enemy stops sticking, consider applying a new layer of protective wax. Cosmetic care strengthens the bond, you see.

However, perchance our first solution fails, pick a cotton ball, soak it in a body solvent and cover the gum with it. Let it sit until the gum absorbs the solvent from the cotton. Once our blob is high on solvent, wipe the area. Solvents clean up the surface without damaging the paint. You may also use rubbing alcohol instead of body solvent. It is widely used for graffiti removal.

2. Bug and tar remover

Want a solution within seconds? Use a bug and tar remover. Wet the gum with it and see it come out of the car’s surface. You can either use a soft cloth to apply it or spray the solution onto the gum. Since it is mainly developed to remove bugs or tar from a car’s exterior, it is a safe option for removing gum. It does not harm the car’s exterior, but it may take the wax off the surface. Wax eloquent, no pun intended.

3. Commercial products

You will find several commercial products raring to have a go. But try to hold your horses. Read through the literature first. You know the old saying on acting in haste and repenting at leisure. The one you zero in on may require apply-and-wait protocol. You may then easily pull off the gum. Clean the surface to wipe off the residue. Some of these products are often used as industrial cleaners. So, they will not destroy the car’s paint. However, take precautions as you are working with chemicals. Wear solvent-resistant gloves and safety goggles. Nobody wants to see your pretty hands and face stained.

4. Non-chemical products

If you want to go natural, what could be more out of nature’s kitty than pure air. Well, blowing hard won’t suffice. So, get a can of compressed air. It will harden the gum in one blow making removal easy. Now, if you feel lazy to move out of your house, go to the kitchen and get the peanut butter jar. Yes, it is an effective method of gum removal, too. The oil in the butter makes the gum lose its stickiness. Apply it to the gum and allow it to sit on for three-four minutes. Then, use a damp cloth. You will find the gum coming out nice and easy.

5. Ice

You can use ice not only on the car’s exterior but also on the seats. Apply the ice on the gum. There are several ways of doing it. You can take a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and place them on the gum. Else, use a towel and repeat the process. You can also use a freezer bag. Whatever method you use, remove the ice only after at least five minutes. By this time, the gum would become hard, and it would become easy for you to peel it off. Use a dull knife or something similar to separate the gum from the surface. However, do not poke the surface, keep the edge of the knife flat. You can also use ice to remove chewing gum from your clothes.

6. White vinegar

Soak a cloth piece in white vinegar and rub the cloth on the gum. Let the gum soak the vinegar. You will find the gum losing its grip over the surface. Now, lose not a moment. Pluck out your headache with a flourish. You can use white vinegar to remove chewing gum from car seats and cloths. Want fast results? Use warm vinegar. Once, the gum comes out, remove the residue using scotch tape. Put a piece of the tape on the gum residue and then pull it off. You can use this tape on leather upholstery, too.

Why Should You Hire Us for Gum Removal Services?

While do-it-yourself ways can work wonders, a professional might bring in a miracle. Experience comes in handy when the task is arduous and time-consuming. Before analysis paralysis kicks in, just go through our credentials. Only commitment matches our transparency and is second only to our quality. Our claims, much like our work, are flawless. Caught in an emergency, we can help. Cost holding you back? Just relax, we are reasonable, unlike the blob demanding immediate attention. Why not join or list of happy customers instead of racking your brains?

1. Trained technicians

When you hire someone to clear your premises or car’s exterior of gum, you expect the best. And why wouldn’t you, after all, you are shelling out the bucks! Our trained technicians can handle any grime or blob, irrespective of their size. We just have an intense enmity with blots that we remove them with passion you may not recognize. And add to that our whole array of techniques and tools. We leave you with your prized possession as it came out of the showroom.

2. Latest equipment

Our ancestors were apes and we are their better versions. So why would we keep apes in our arsenal when we have a better version? We are talking about tools. We always upgrade our tools and update techniques. Not only do they help us produce effective results but also save time and effort. Hence, we always keep a tab on the latest gum removal products on the market. However, we add them to our stock only after carefully reviewing their functionality. This helps us up the value of our work while retaining our goodwill.

3. Professionalism

It is hard to survive in a competitive market without professionalism. And our growing list of customers speaks volumes about ours. Punctuality is the foundation of our core system. We give only those estimates that we can meet. Our staff deals with clients courteously and values their time. If deterred by unforeseen events, we never let that trickle into your schedule.

4. Assured quality

Our trained technicians use the latest equipment to ensure high-quality services. We assure the best quality to our clients and do not leave the premises until they give the thumbs up. Our quality control system tracks shortcomings and suggests improvements. We also arrange workshops for our staff and educate them. This, over and above our well-stocked arsenal of qualifications and certifications.

5. Competitive pricing

Our gum removal services are available at competitive rates. This is what has helped us make our mark. We are flexible, too. We quote our price after assessing the requirements. Hard to believe? Get a free quote now.

We are looking forward to solving your sticking issue. However, if you find the rate steep, we won’t pester you, promise.

6. Customer service

Reliability and trustworthiness help us bond with our clients. When you reach out to us, we schedule a visit and stick to the time slot just like the gum. We work as per our clients’ specific requests. After removing the bubble gum, our staff remains available for your review. Raise any complaints, and we fix them on the spot. We have a no-questions-asked policy when it comes to attending complaints.

7. Security

When you allow unknown people on to your premises, safety becomes a concern. That is why we always maintain a logbook of our workers. We hire our employees only after a thorough check of their background. Besides, we conduct security checks and interviews. All our staff carries our company ID card. Check them before allowing them entry.

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