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Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Pressure or power washers have gained a reputation over the years as an effective method to clean surfaces and objects. Pressure washers work by spraying high-pressure water jets to remove stubborn particles from surfaces.

The water can be hot or cold, depending on the severity of the dirt on the surface. Fast traveling water through a narrow nozzle hits the dirt at high velocity causing it to dislodge from the surface.

Water is a cleansing agent and softer compared to other chemical cleaning agents. It ensures no lasting damage to the surfaces cleaned using this method. Pressure washing is often used to clean sidewalks, patios, automobiles, and barbeque grills.

Sidewalk pressure washing is a tried and tested technique to clean dirty sidewalks. Cities and towns across the world use this technique to maintain their sidewalks.

Sidewalk pressure washing helps in the removal of:

  • Grime
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Paint
  • Mud
  • Chewing gum
  • Other types of hard dirt

A standard pressure washer consists of several key components. The main elements include:

  • nozzles
  • pump
  • pressure hose
  • motor
  • inlet

These play a vital role in the effectiveness of a pressure washer for cleaning sidewalks. The size of the nozzle of a pressure washer and its pressure determine the strength of the water's jet striking the dirty sidewalk. A pressure washer with a rating of 3000 PSI and above is recommended for cleaning sidewalks.

The drawback with pressure washers is that although effective, they consume a lot of water.

Importance of Sidewalk Cleaning

1) It's Great for the Environment

Regular cleaning of sidewalks has many benefits beyond just making them look aesthetically beautiful. Clean sidewalks prevent health hazards caused due to rodents, dirt, and other infection-causing agents. It has a direct impact on the local environment.

Unkept sidewalks cause the accumulation of hard layers of dirt and grime over time. Cleaning makes it easier to maintain and costs lesser than spending more on advanced cleaning solutions if left unattended.

The environmental benefits of clean sidewalks include:

  • It prevents contamination of local water sources and keeps potable local water supply safe for drinking.
  • It prevents the local wildlife and pets from ingesting waste products that can be harmful to health.
  • Dirty sidewalks and bins are a breeding ground for pests that cause diseases in a community. Clean sidewalks significantly reduce pest infestation on the city streets.

2) Keeps Streets Safe for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Keeping sidewalks clean and debris-free is especially important in a large and crowded city like Los Angeles. Pedestrians and cyclists are regular users of a city's sidewalks. Clean and unobstructed sidewalks offer comfort and safety. Imagine the inconvenience and obstruction when the streets are piled with trash.

Pedestrians or cyclists will have to maneuver around it to prevent coming in contact with it. Avoiding piled waste on sidewalks could be dangerous on busy streets. It could lead to accidents and other safety issues.

Cleaning the sidewalks routinely makes it safer to travel. People can enjoy a stroll or bike ride without having to watch every step. Sharp objects such as nails or broken glass can cause cuts and bruises, leading to dangerous infections.

Cleaning sidewalks regularly overcomes all these concerns for the people who use the sidewalks daily.

3) Reduces the Dust in the Air

Particles of dust and pollen in the air are among the leading causes of lung-related diseases globally. Inhalation of these particles on a regular basis could lead to critical illnesses over time.

Health hazards can be avoided easily by maintaining a dust-free environment. It is proven that cities with an effective street maintenance system report lesser health incidents arising due to dust or grime. It contributes to the well-being of the community.

Cleaning city sidewalks routinely prevents dust layers from accumulating on the sidewalks. If unchecked for long, these dust layers turn into hard cakes that are difficult to remove through standard cleaning methods.

Mechanized street sweeping machines and pressure washing effectively deal with accumulating dust. Invest in regular sidewalk pressure washing to create a dust-free environment in your neighborhood.

4) Helps with Pest Control

Pest control is a constant priority in large cities such as Los Angeles and New York. The increase in the number of vehicles and people on the street leads to correct garbage disposal issues. When garbage is not collected and disposed of effectively, it ends up on street corners and alleyways.

Unclean sidewalks and dark alleyways are a breeding ground for rodents and other pests. They multiply exponentially in such habitats and cause several diseases that affect people using the sidewalk or living close to them.

Cleaning sidewalks daily helps keep a check on the local pest and rodent population. It prevents a full-blown infestation which can lead to a significant health hazard in the city. Pest control by cleaning sidewalks prevents bites and attacks by small rodents on children and pets using the sidewalks.

5) Enhances the Beauty of the Neighborhood

It goes without saying that clean sidewalks and streets give off a positive appeal to people using them. It enhances your neighborhood's beauty and shows that the local bodies take citizen health and safety seriously.

Regular pressure washing of sidewalks keeps dust and pests at bay while increasing the sidewalks' longevity and preserving the asphalt. It encourages pedestrians to use the sidewalks often and keeps them neat and clean.

Placing disposal bins at regular intervals on the sidewalks contributes to beautifying it.

A beautiful neighborhood directly impacts the real estate value of the local area. The value of the property in the area appreciates considerably. Conversely, a neighborhood with dirty sidewalks or poor approach roads drives the real estate prices down. Everyone loves a pleasant and clean space with well-maintained sidewalks.

6) Save Costs in the Long-Term

Hiring a professional company to maintain sidewalks and clean them regularly saves costs over the years. Our company Los Angeles Blasting has years of experience in sidewalk pressure washing.

We use chemical agents that do not damage the environment and keeps your children and pets safe. You save money when you hire us for your sidewalk cleaning requirements.

We use top-rated pressure washers that get rid of stubborn stains without trouble. Regular cleaning of sidewalks prevents dirt from collecting and forming a hard layer. Preventive maintenance saves you from spending more money to remove stains collected over several weeks or months.

We guarantee reliable results that will keep sidewalks gleaming and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Contact us on (213) 459-1667 today for a free quotation and demo of our professional sidewalk cleaning services.

7) Prevents Freshwater Salinization and Contamination

Salt buildup happens on the streets in places with colder climates. The excess salt buildup can seep into local water bodies and freshwater resources. This leads to a process known as salinization, which is detrimental to public health and contaminates drinking water.

There is a high probability of salinization when the sidewalks and streets are not cleaned and swept regularly. Even a little bit of road salt can pollute freshwater sources for a long time.

The best solution to prevent salinization is to keep the sidewalks clear from salt buildup. Salt buildup can erode structures and the quality of the sidewalks over time. Sidewalk pressure washing is an effective method to wash away the excess salt buildup.

Extra salt can seep into the sewers and clog important sewage routes leading to health hazards.

8) Prevents Clogging of Storm Drains

Storm drains are crucial in ensuring that excess water during rains or floods is cleared from main roads and junctions. Clogged storm drains cause overflowing and flooding on the main streets. Clogged drains are a serious health and safety hazard that could lead to loss of life and personal property damage.

Trash and debris are the main culprits that clog storm drains. Keeping the storm drains free of dirt, and debris buildup is essential to prevent blockage.

Street sweeping and pressure washing removes dirt and debris from getting into the storm drains. It is an affordable, preventive maintenance practice that serves more than one purpose. Seepage of mud into storm drains causes pollution and stagnant water. This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and rodents that can adversely affect public health.

9) Increases Longevity of Pavements

Construction and maintenance of sidewalks and streets is an expensive affair. The costs associated with regular maintenance of sidewalks and streets can skyrocket if necessary preventive maintenance tasks are not undertaken often. Frequent sidewalk pressure washing and cleaning leads to long sidewalk service life.

Prevent legal liability issues due to accidents and trip hazards by signing up for a maintenance contract with our agency. Our professional team ensures that sidewalks are always clean and clear of dirt and debris.

Our services increase the longevity of sidewalks and pavements. This means that you save on critical maintenance costs over the years while sidewalks look clean and appealing. Regular maintenance increases the durability of the concrete and asphalt.

Pressure washing your sidewalks preserves their strength and keeps them looking vibrant.

10) Reduces Community Health Hazards

The biggest concern caused by unkept sidewalks is their health hazards to the community. Infectious diseases spread quickly within the community when local freshwater sources are contaminated by dirt and debris.

Sidewalk cleaning and graffiti removal help keep the neighborhood clean and pleasant. Removing unsavory graffiti increases the area's appeal and prevents health issues through spray paints seeping into drains and surfaces.

Keeping sidewalks clean by pressure washing them routinely is a simple but effective way of preventing community health hazards. Sidewalk cleaning keeps rodents and disease-carrying pests at bay. It prevents clogging of drains and stagnant water pooling near the sidewalks.

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