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We Love Challenges

Nobody likes to sneeze. We do this with our modern fabrication shop, dustless sandblasting tools, and a wonderful powder coating system. Los Angeles Blasting is a one-stop-shop for all your dustless blasting needs. The bigger the challenge, the more pleased we are.

Non-Stop Support

Nobody should be working on Christmas or New Year’s Day. We, too, do not. But the rest of the days are when we are at the beck and call of our customers. No matter the size of their emergency, our experts are happy to help. And that too 24/7.

Quality Products

Our state-of-the-art tools and expertise make us the best in the business. We use quality products managed by experts to give you the best service. We are an insured firm that leaves no stone unturned for the best quality. Drop by and see for yourself what we live for.

Vast Knowledge

We have been in the industry for too long not to notice the paradigm shift. We have seen tools that get outdated and newer technologies to arrive. We have adapted ourselves to these changes based on our knowledge of the industry. Our vast knowledge is yours for the taking. With us, you are secure.

We are Dedicated

We take great pride in hiring talents. We invest a lot of time to get them trained. This dedication in selecting and training translates into a dedicated team. This team takes care of all your needs without batting an eyelid. This dedication is the hallmark of Los Angeles Blasting.

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Benefits of Dustless Blasting


The debris from the worksite does not scatter when dustless blasting gets going. It means that you can collect all the waste in a plastic sheet laid down by the operator. It is the reason why people favor dustless blasting for undertaking cleaning works.


As the intensive labor part is missing in dustless blasting, it saves you money. You need to hire cleaning agencies to dispose of the debris. It saves you time, but it also proves to be cost-effective in every sense of the word.

Reduces Health Complications

When the dust does not get scattered, there is no allergen attack. Unlike sandblasting, which may cause silicosis, dustless blasting is safe. As it uses a wet media, the risk associated with sandblasting gets nullified. Moreover, you do not even get a sneeze attack. It is a cost-effective and safe way of disposing of waste.

Reduced Amount of Abrasive Materials is required

Dustless blasting requires a lesser amount of abrasive materials, unlike the traditional methods. This technology ensures that the surface gets sanitized for the next step of the process. This method also requires fewer containment measures.

It can remove any type of coating from any surface

The blasting technique uses a mixture of air, water, and media to remove the coating. The mixture is such that any coating gets scraped off any surface with minimum fuss. And the best part is that the media is always eco-friendly and EPA approved.

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Dustless Blasting

One of the most effective methods that we use to remove graffiti is sandblasting. During the process, we will have abrasive blasted at very high speeds to the surfaces with graffiti and will remove all the marks and contaminants. Our dustless blasting LA works on any surface and this is quite effective. For larger surfaces and properties, we usually recommend this process. We have the best equipment for sandblasting and our crews know how to go about the process and deliver exceptional results. When you come to us, we will come to assess your property so as to determine if blasting would be the way to go. We have continued to improve our services and we will be glad to offer mobile sandblasting Los Angeles services as well. We have powerful and modern equipment which we will make use of and we can handle just any type of graffiti and remove it. We are a company that has handled some of the biggest tasks in LA, which other companies shy away from. Besides the equipment, we will also make use of our skills and techniques and you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the end result. Customer satisfaction is a big part of our services and we will certainly do all we can to exceed your expectations.

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