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Whether intentional or a mishap, graffiti on your clean storefront glass is unsightly and needs to be taken care of. There are two ways to go about this. You can do it yourself, provided you have the materials and some experience. Or you can talk to the professionals at graffiti removal services like Los Angeles Blasting. They have the expertise and the know-how to get rid of paint on your storefront glass. They can get it looking better than before.

Graffiti Is A Huge Problem

Graffiti is perhaps one of the biggest problems facing business owners for a long time now. Cities in the United States alone spend over 12 billion dollars annually cleaning up graffiti. It also has a huge negative impact on the business when left unchecked. All this means that this is something that needs to be addressed then and there. Studies show that quick removal of graffiti deters this type of vandalism.

However, what is done is done. And here are a few solutions about how you can get it removed from your storefront.

Getting In Touch With The Experts

This is usually the easiest course of action for the best results. However, there are a few considerations to look at before choosing the right company for the job.


The first thing to check is that if they are experienced enough for the job at hand. Removing graffiti from glass is a delicate job. Some chances of cleaning the paint might result in scratches or other blemishes like ghosting. The more experienced companies get it done without a hitch. With a professional graffiti removal service, you won’t even know where the paint was.


If you’re running a business, it is important to understand the procedure’s costs as well. You don’t want it to be expensive because it could be hard on your budget. But you also need to take care not to lower your budget too much either. Get quotes from all the graffiti services in the area before you choose one. If you’re in LA, look up Los Angeles Blasting. They are a certified graffiti removal service who are cost-effective as well.

Time Taken

As a business owner, time is a critical commodity for you. And you should hire companies that share the same view. When you talk to them, ask them about their turnarounds and how soon they can get your job done—having your business closed for any length of time results in losses—both in terms of customers as well as profit.

Products Used

When you’re hiring a company to get graffiti removed, it is in your interest to ask them about the products they’re going to use. This is important because several contractors are known to use powerful chemicals for cleaning. These can have a huge impact on your surroundings. Using environmentally friendly products is the way to go. Los Angeles Blasting makes sure they use biodegradable cleaning products.


If you’re getting graffiti regularly, then it’s time to discuss a maintenance package with your contractor. This can get you the help you need within a predictable turnaround time. You can either opt for regular visits from them or a shorter response time, whichever suits your business.

Cleaning Graffiti By Yourself

If you have a bit of experience with cleaning graffiti, you can opt to do it yourself. Opting for a contractor is always the best choice. It is painless, and they can deal with all sorts of additional problems. And a professionally done job has better quality and lasts longer. But for smaller graffiti issues, getting it done yourself might be a good idea as well. There are several things you need to consider before you start on it.

Severity Of The Problem

Before starting to clean up the graffiti, you need to analyze how bad it is. Something that is all over your storefront glass, including the frame and the walls, will not be easy to get rid of. And here, you should consider calling your graffiti removal contractor. But you can handle other smaller issues like minor spillage.

Getting The Right Solvent

Choosing the right solvent is an extremely important step when you’re cleaning graffiti off your storefront. There are several different types of solvents used for different purposes. You can choose either mineral spirits, turpentine, alcohol, or methylene chloride. Of the lot, methylene chloride is used by professional companies. But the problem here is that it can burn your skin if you don’t handle it properly. You can make a chemical mixture for smaller stains using white vinegar and liquid dish soap. But these might not be very effective for tougher stains.

Tools You Need

Apart from the solvents, there are a few other things you need as well. Always remember to bring more than a couple of cleaning cloths with you and, in case of larger windows, a mop. You also need a bucket to mix the solvent. Plastic tarps are needed right below the glass, so you won’t stain the ground below and make a mess. Finally, the most vital tools are a window scraper with a razor and a window squeegee, preferably with a rubber blade. The scraper is used for getting scraping and loosening graffiti and paint. The squeegee is used to clean the surfaces after they’ve been dislodged.

Safety Precautions

When you’re doing this on your own, you need to keep yourself safe. Have reasonably thick rubber gloves with you at all times. These can help when you’re dealing with solvents and even protect you from nicks and cuts. And if you are using chemical solvents, make sure you have adequate protection for your face and nose. More often than not, inhaling these chemicals can cause you harm.

Hopefully, this has given you some idea about how to deal with your graffiti problem. Again, we would advise you to get in touch with professionals when cleaning our graffiti. If you’d like to get the graffiti removal experts in LA, Los Angeles Blasting are the people you want. Call them at (213) 459-1667 for a professional and cost-effective solution for removing graffiti.

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