Techniques Used To Remove Graffiti

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Some Techniques We use to Remove Graffiti

Steam cleaning

When done with permission, graffiti is an art. However, when done on a whim on public or private property, it can come across as an eyesore. Every year, people spend millions of dollars to obliterate this act of vandalism. Los Angeles Blasting has been chipping its bit by offering steam cleaning solutions. We use modern steam cleaning equipment that is detergent based—this machine aids in removing mild paintings that are petroleum-based. Our expert operators channel the wet steam on graffiti and scrape off the grime and paint. It is a cost-effective way of addressing graffiti vandalism. Not only does this aid in improving the life of buildings, but it also restores its aesthetic appeal.

Chemical Removal

Depending upon the vandalized surface, we come up with the best solutions. Chemical removers vary but work on the principle that stronger solvents act faster. Chemicals used by our experts may range from paint thinners to turpentine. However, tougher paints may entail the use of stronger chemicals. Overall, our experts make the assessment. They study the structure and the paint used. Based on this study, our experts offer solutions. But, we employ chemical removal on a small scale. The reason is simple: Chemicals can be harmful. Our experts take due care to match the solvent to the construction material used.

Painting over

It is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way of going about removing graffiti. Our experts take a spot assessment and, based on that, determine on painting over. Once our experts give the go-ahead, we dispatch our painting team to the site. The team takes stock of the situation and offers the best solution. They may also spell out the paint brand. The experts would give a spot estimate. We use the best products to paint over the vandalized surfaces. We take care of maintaining the quality of the structure. Our work adds to the aesthetics and visual appeal of the building.

Pressure washing

We use modern pressure washers to strike a death blow to graffiti. Our operators undertake this operation after ascertaining the merits of the case. This method is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Moreover, the pressure washed building sports a fresher look after the work gets done. We take extra care to ensure that the structure stays safe and sound during and after the operation. This mode of operation is cheap and safe and does not leave behind a trail of waste. We use state-of-the-art sprayers that do not fail. Please drop by to take a look at our arsenal.


Another arrow in our quiver that we use to carry out attacks against graffiti. Our experts use modern and latest technologies to fight against vandals by sandblasting. But, this mode has a drawback. The debris in the form of silica can cause silicosis. Hence, we use this technique sparingly and on spots not requiring intensive labor. Our experts take every precaution to ensure neither the building nor the people get inconvenienced. The results are always positive and go a long way in warding off vandals.

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