How to Get Spray Paint or Graffiti Off a Tree?

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Trees are not only the source of oxygen for the planet, but they also act as anti-pollutants. We should all take a pledge never to harm the trees.

However, trees around the world often serve as billboards for businesses. And it doesn’t end there. People also like to carve their love notes on the tree’s bark and display their yard sales advertisement on trees.

Though these acts do not cause much harm the trees, another common vandalism does, which is spray painting.

Spray paints on the tree is a serious matter of concern. A lot of goons and vandals like to destroy properties and trees by spray painting on them. Not all graffiti work can be considered artwork.

The ones that make for a ghastly site should be removed to restore the appearance, be it a property wall or a tree trunk. Also, painting on the bark of a tree can harm the trees and shorten their lives.

This article aims to help you understand the repercussions of spray paint on trees. You will also know how to remove graffiti paint from the tree trunk and restore the tree’s appearance.

Why is Graffiti Removal from Trees Important?

Other than being unsightly, graffiti on the tree can also invite vandalism in your area. Having trees and buildings designed by graffiti can invite more vandals to the locality.

Cleaning it up can send a strong message against them. Also, if there is graffiti painted on the tree of your garden, it can lower your property’s value to a considerable extent.

If you plan to sell your property, why settle for a lower amount simply because some graffiti painted trees on the property?

Get the graffiti removed by a professional Los Angeles graffiti removal agency.

Graffiti or Spray Paint Can Harm and Kill the Tree

Graffiti looks rather unsightly, and it is also quite harmful to the trees. Paints have chemicals in them, which can cause toxic reactions to the tree barks, thereby killing them. This is especially true for the thin-barked trees like maples.

The spray paint seeps into the thin bark of the tree and causes damage. The paint may even seep in deeper into the tree’s cambium layer responsible for creating new cells. The cambium layer creates the rings within the tree. You can count the rings within the tree bark and know the age of the tree.

The closest layer of tissue under the tree bark is known as the phloem, and it is responsible for taking food to different parts of the tree. So, if the paint seeps through the phloem, the food transferring gets hampered, causing malnutrition to the tree.

Removing graffiti painting off the trees can be extremely challenging as it involves the usage of caustic chemicals.

Paints used on the tree wall can cause serious damage to the trees.

The paints can also emit toxins, which can cause respiratory issues to the people living near the trees.

The paints can also clog the lenticels, which hamper the respirations of the trees. Thus, removing graffiti from the tree would require very close and careful monitoring of the tree’s health. But there are some ways in which you get the graffiti removed from the tree bark.

Here are some tips to help you with the graffiti removal on trees:

Methods to Remove Graffiti Off the Tree

There are several ways in which you can remove the graffiti from the tree bark. Here are some ways that you can try yourself:

1. Using Graffiti Removal Agents

If the tree is a big one, you can easily opt for the graffiti removal agents at the local hardware stores. Usually, the large trees are not affected much by the chemicals. But make sure to read and follow the instructions carefully while using the graffiti removal agent on the tree.

There are some environment-friendly graffiti removal agents available in the market. They are usually citrus-based and contains active ingredients that are natural and not harmful to the tree. If the paint is recent on the tree, you can use such a natural graffiti remover. Rub it at least an hour before washing and let it sit. Then complete the removal by properly rubbing and rinsing with a nylon brush.

2. Use a Pressure Washer for the Removal of the Graffiti

For a large tree, you can also use a pressure washer. Aim the washer at low pressure on the graffiti of the tree bark. The washer will remove at least one or two bark layers of the tree. Unless the tree is a large one, it might get affected by the pressure washer. If the tree bark is thin and light, you should not use a pressure washer to harm the tree.

Pressure washers are expensive. If you do not wish to invest in a pressure washer for graffiti removal, call a professional Los Angeles graffiti removal agency. They will take care of the graffiti removal process. They are equipped with the necessary tools and can also take care to keep the tree healthy.

3. Conventional Removal of Graffiti from the Trees

You can also use sandpaper to sand off the paints from the tree. The best sandpaper would be the ones with 400 grits. You should rub the sandpapers in circular motions so that the bark is least damaged. Alternatively, you can also use a putty knife and peel off the bark’s paints very carefully. With the putty knife, you can chip off the paints from the bark. Both these methods will take a lot of time and effort, though. But the good thing about these two methods is that they are not very damaging to the tree since the bark can grow back once again within a short while.

4. Be Careful While Using a Wire Brush on the Trees

You can also use a wire brush to remove the paint off the tree bark. You need to scrub the bark until the paint comes off gently. Keep scrubbing until the topmost layer of the bark gets peeled off. Remember, this will only work when the spray paint is not too old on the tree.

5. Apply Mud Coat on the Tree Bark

Take some thick soil and add some water to create a thick muddy base. With the help of gloves, now you can apply this mud base as a thick coating on the tree’s painted bark. This will cover the paintings on the tree. But this is a temporary solution since the mud will wash away during the monsoons. At the same time, the mud can take away some of the painting from the bark too. Eventually, some of the paintings will get removed in this manner. But it is imperative to say that this is not a permanent solution at all.

6. Use Acetone or Olive Oil on the Tree Bark

When you use some acetone and rub it with a rag, it may peel some paints from the tree bark. Since a tree’s bark is absorbent and coarse in texture, the acetone will do minimal harm to the tree. Nevertheless, the paint will most probably come off easily. Alternatively, you can also use olive oil in place of acetone.

7. Use Razor Blades to Chip Away the Paint from the Tree Bark

If you have enough time, you can also delicately use a razor blade to chip away the tree bark spray paint. Then rinse the tree with some water and scrubber as this will remove most of the paint.

Keep in Mind the Below-Mentioned Points Before You Start with the Graffiti Removal Task

Before you get started with the graffiti removal all by yourself, you need to exercise caution for the tree as well as for yourself. Always use protective gear and gloves while using the graffiti solvents.

Choice of a Graffiti Remover

There is no dearth of graffiti removers in the market. However, when you have to choose the best graffiti remover for your garden trees, you need to exercise caution. A good graffiti remover will take care of the outer tissues and the tree’s bark while removing the paint. Most conventional graffiti removers use caustic chemicals that can cause harm to your skin. Some chemical graffiti removers can also cause respiratory damage. Thus, it is important to choose a graffiti remover for your tree extremely carefully.

Keep in mind that not all chemicals suit trees. Do not use mineral spirits or harsh chemicals on the trees to harm and even kill the trees. If you are not sure which chemicals to use, it is good to get in touch with a good graffiti removal agency in Los Angeles.

Give New Life to Your Trees by Removing Graffiti Effectively

The graffiti removal Los Angeles agency is a well-known name in the field of graffiti removal from trees. They use environmentally friendly products that ensure that the tree is not harmed in any manner whatsoever.

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